1st of July 1920 J.K.A. Brookhuis starts an independent sales agency in Enschede, the Netherlands, selling spindles, sleeves and other technical equipment for the textile industry. Number 507 of the Chamber of Commerce.
June 1942 Founder J.K.A. Brookhuis dies due to illness. The remaining employees succeed to keep the company going during WWII.
1946 The company continues to grow over the years and because of changing markets, the shift focuses from textile accessories to the sales of machines.
1954 Arnold Brookhuis, the youngest son of the founder, joins the company.
1979 Arnold Brookhuis Textieltechniek B.V. is founded
1987 Brookhuis developes an innovative moisture measurement product and it is a big success. This innovation leads to the new division of Brookhuis Micro Electronics
1992 Martien Elbers and Pieter Rozema become partners in the company, while making sure the family character remains intact.
1999 The division Brookhuis Micro-Electronics transfers into the new firm Brookhuis Micro-Electronics B.V.
2002 Arnold Brookhuis retires. Martien Elbers and Pieter Rozema are the new owners.
2004/2005 Brookhuis Groep is founded as a holding company for Brookhuis Micro- Electronics and Brookhuis Textieltechniek B.V.
2008 Brookhuis Micro Electronics and Indac agree to join their development team: SenseTech B.V.
2008 The trade in technical products reaches a new high level and a new daughter company is born: Tubantec B.V. Erik Franke becomes a minor shareholder.
2012 Jan Gerbrands becomes a partner in the company.
2013 Brookhuis Instruments, developer of Electronics, is founded. Making specific products for well known companies.
2014 The company has developed into a technology driven company. The origine of the company has become more and more different from the rest of the Group. The company division Brookhuis Textieltechniek B.V. is sold to the management.
2th of January 2015 Brookhuis Groep, Brookhuis Micro Electronics, Tubantec and Brookhuis Instruments are merging into Brookhuis Applied Technologies.
Juni 2015 Brookhuis is celebrating her 95th anniversary as a diversified technology company in applied technologies for niches in wood, industry, electronics and particles.

Brookhuis. Technology driven since 1920.

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